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Your Love

Great cover of a Great song (Your love ; The Outfield) by I See Stars, although I do admit Devin sounds a teeny bit gay here haha.

….on a vacation far away

Is where I want to be.

     Going back to college wasn’t really what I expected after 2 weeks, goddamned lecturers are already up in our grills for A2. Yeah, I’m aware A levels isn’t over, but cmon, give us a break will you? We’ve already spent like 10 months preparing for AS, we’d like some time off from that embarrassing excuse of a college which is Taylors.

     I’m srsly spiralling, I’ve only been to like four classes so far this week, and I’ve no interest in going at all. The only reason I go to literature is because I don’t want to leave my group mate all alone, which I did today, sorry Vivian, I’ll make it up to you.

     I woke up at freakin’ 3 pm today, I hate the feeling of a wasted day, I am wasted, I haven’t even taken a shower yet and its 5:31 pm. Even eating is a chore, why am I so lazy? This isn’t me, I’m better than this. The past 2 weeks we’re indeed 2 weeks of no Morals, too much alcohol and tobacco in my system. And I don’t feel very good and responsible about it. Even my eyesight is getting worse cause I’m spending too much time in front of my laptop.

     I’m 19.

19 without a purpose. I need a purpose. I need productivity, a job, a hobby, a band, a holiday, anything.

    Every job I’ve looked at, “1 year experience, degree, diploma” yeah I have all those, in the same field, the field of Nothing….

     I can’t even call myself a Jack Of All Trades as I’m not even good at the “All Trades”

Twitter Celeb? Far from.

Am I a person worth knowing? Not at the moment, I’m easily forgettable.

     I keep wanting wanting wanting, But I’ve received nothing, then again, I haven’t worked for it. I can’t keep leeching off my parents, I’m 19, this is my last teenage year. It’s no wonder my mom treats me like a 14 year old.

If you’ve anything, anything at all that can help me out of this rut, do tell me. I could use all the help I can get.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Want you to know that….

….Damn, this is a song that holds many memories for me, It was one of the first songs I played in a band…

Lyrics ;

Can't you see that I wanna be
there with open arms
It's empty tonight and I'm all alone
Get me through this one
Do you notice I'm gone
Where do you run to so far away


I want you to know that
I miss you, I miss you so
I want you to know that
I miss you, I miss you so

I'm writing again
These letters to you, aren't much I know
But I'm not sleeping, you're not here
The thought stops my heart
Do you notice I'm gone?
Where do you run to, so far away


No more looking I’ve found, home


Saturday, November 13, 2010

This post is about 2 days late.



….For now.

Thursday, November 11, 2010



continue bersetan


Damn you Iphone

Have you guys SEEN this website? It’s Hilarious, I’m giggling like a lil’ Bitch reading it…


             Example of a lil bitch

Anyway, go to and giggle your pants off.

My personal faves ;




Hoosegow, was supposed to be w0000t btw